Our leadership and operational Structure

We are led by a volunteer Board of Directors who decides on the projects to support in Africa, enter into agreement with partner-agencies in Africa, direct resource development initiatives in Canada, manage and evaluate ongoing and future projects. They are also responsible for generating all financial statements and institutional reports to donors and the Canada Revenue Agency. Our work is done through volunteer committees in Canada:


  • Executive/Financial
  • Fundraising Advisory
  • Mentoring Through Education and Training
  • Bishop Tutu Scholarship
  • Health Initiatives
  • Administrative Support

Zenzele Development Organization was formed, and is led by a group of professional and dedicated individuals, who operate creatively within a structure of shared values and goals. As part of a diverse and dynamic team our volunteers are critical to the way we operate and they’re at the centre of much of what we do.

Board of Directors

Carole Adriaans

Founder, President

Tel: 416-691-9406
Fax: 416-691-5916
e-mail: ucandoit@zenzele.org


Sabra Desai

Program Director

Tel: 905-271-8570
e-mail: sabra@zenzele.org


Eloise Morrison-List


Tel.: 416-691-2427
Fax.: 416-691-5916
e-mail: ucandoit2@zenzele.org



Fundraising Advisory Committee
Carole Adriaans, Rena Blatt

Mentoring Through Education and Training Committee:
Sabra Desai

Bishop Tutu Scholarship Committee:
Carole Adriaans, Eloise Morrison

Health Initiatives
Fatima Dike (South Africa)