Future planned Projects to be executed with partner agencies in the recipient countries include the Mosquito Netting Project detailed below.

Mosquito Netting for 3,760 village/rural families to reduce Malaria Mosquito netting save lives! “For the cost of a movie, you could save a kid’s life”!
Using mosquito netting reduces the risk of malaria infection and other mosquito borne diseases by a factor of 10 to 20! Whether you are living in a high-risk area or perhaps are traveling to one, mosquito nets offer essential protection against mosquitoes, flies and other insects. Each year, according to the World Health Organization, some 500 million people are infected with mosquito-borne illnesses: dengue, malaria, yellow fever, and various forms of encephalitis, including the West Nile virus. More than 2.5 million die, many of them young children. Mosquitoes are no joking manner.

The disease is carried by a night-biting mosquito that leaves a parasite behind in its victim’s blood. The parasite then attacks red blood cells. The effects can be debilitating for adults, but children, with their weaker immune systems, are particularly vulnerable. There are anti-malarial drugs for both prevention and treatment, but those are expensive.
In Africa’s Sierra Leone, 70 per cent of the population lives in poverty. The country rates 176 out of 177 on the United Nations Human Development Index. The average person there has a life expectancy of about 42 years.

Prevention is the KEY!!
Zenzele is developing cost-effective solutions which are bed nets treated with insecticide, which can protect people while they are sleeping. Canadians can make a low-cost difference by giving $10 to buy a net that would be given free to a family in Africa. Usually, more than one child sleeps under a net. In many cases, the whole family does, “and (the nets) last for five years. Africa faces many daunting challenges, but the bed net program provides a way for people to help provide real and immediate assistance in one specific area.

Helping prevent malaria also helps those countries economically. “Malaria has reduced economic growth in African countries that have the highest disease burden by as much as 1.3 per cent per year and is responsible for more than US$14-billion annually in healthcare costs and lost productivity,” said the Spread The Net website.

The cost of a treated Mosquito Net is $44.95 and a long lasting Mosquito Net is $54.95