The Canadian Teacher Mentoring Program— started by South African Women for Women (SAWW) in 2000— facilitates the sharing of expertise in literacy, numeracy, information technology, conflict resolution and peace studies. The Teacher Mentoring participants, consisting of Ontario-based teachers, share their relationships and their students both in Ontario and South Africa and the results are of enormous mutual benefit to teacher and student.

The Teacher Mentoring Project has the following components with their specific objectives and purposes:

  • To support and facilitate the implementation process of the curriculum;
  • To facilitate in the improvement of educators’ knowledge of and competence in using the methodologies associated with outcomes-based curriculum;
  • To make available materials this will enable teachers to develop their own teaching resources (e.g. sample materials, equipment to “make and take” materials/ units of study applicable to the classroom)
  • To provide an opportunity to interact with experienced educators and develop an active network of peer support and sense of collegiality at the local and international level.
  • The TMP facilitated the sharing of expertise in literacy, numeracy, information technology and conflict resolution and peace studies
  • To date, twelve (12) teachers from Canada have travelled to South Africa during our summer – July and August, and four (4) South African teachers have visited Ontario.

Other Teacher Mentoring Projects have partnered at the following educational institutions/schools:

  • South Peninsula High School in Cape Town,
  • Moshoeshoe Primary School in he Guateng Province in Johannesburg
  • St. Theresa’ s Catholic Primary School in Durban
  • W.D. Hendricks Primary School in Cape Town
  •  The University of KwaZulu in the Natal.

Zenzele raises funds to sponsor teachers, the host school arranges housing with a local family, and each teacher makes a donation to the host family to help with food and transportation–usually $250.00 – $300.00.

The cost to sponsor travel for one (1) teacher is $2,500.00. The cost for a total scholarship is $5,000.00. We welcome corporate or individual sponsors interested in joining us in facilitating this project.