Dreamcatcher’s Kamamma project brings the benefits of tourism those who would otherwise not have access to the industry’s opportunities. It has grown from an exciting, participative and interactive cuisine experience, whereby a ‘Cook-up Kamamma’ (a community matriach and entrepreneur), teaches visitors her culinary secrets at her community restaurant. The project consists of 60 home-based catering businesses of women representative of the diverse indigenous cultures of South Africa. Guests can now be accommodated at selected Kamamma home-stay venues which can be found on all the major tourist routes in South Africa, traversing approximately 2000 kilometers across both rural and urban areas. The Kamammas project is rapidly growing to be one of the country’s top tourism experiences.

Zenzele partners with Dreamcatcher and it’s Kamammas project to offer guests the unique opportunity to enrich themselves and the communities that they visit, whilst enjoying the incredible tourism experiences that South Africa has to offer. Visitors who have undertaken this rewarding journey report that this was the trip of a lifetime! Various packages offer opportunities to see the country as it is and work with and in local communities — transferring much needed business, computer or other skills, and assisting local entrepreneurs, community care centers, clinics and orphanages. Dreamcatcher works closely with these communities to build one of the world’s most outcomes based, progressive and meaningful tourism experiences.

Dreamcatcher is based in Cape Town, South Africa as a Strategic Tourism & Micro Enterprise Development Practice and Travel Route Planner. Founder Anthea Rossouw’s philosophy is that tourism and travel is a powerful vehicle: and when developed wisely, creatively and strategically, promotes peace and understanding amongst locals and across borders and continents. Ms Rossouw has harnessed her knowledge of tourism development and understanding of the barriers, which prevent the historically disadvantaged to become gainfully involved in tourism: to liberate various communities from poverty and unemployment. Anthea served on the Board of Directors of South African Tourism, as Chairperson of the Marketing Committee, where she represented Community-based Tourism and small, medium and micro enterprises. It is through her experience and contact with tourism globally that she understands and has identified the many barriers which have previously inhibited black woman entrepreneurs and small tourism enterprises from making a success in the industry. Anthea has spent over 12 years to develop a model to address these barriers which would ultimately ensure the success of the ventures aligned to Dreamcatcher. This model was identified by Cordaid Nederland, Zenzele Canada and various educational institutions and Dreamcatcher Nederland, as a model for international learning.

Funds are also required for:

  1. The upgrading of the homestay venues in order to extend capacity and service. Many venues require building additions to ensure that the accomodation facilities are able to house small groups of guests.As above for seven Cook-up
  2. Kamammas — to enlarge their porches and sanitary facilities to cater for up to 20 people instead of the six that they are currently equipped for.